OEE in Laundry

OEE is a kind of measuring tools that shows how much rate can factories benefit from the hardware, machine and workbanch and it can also be consider as the best way to recover works.

OEE, can gives many factors as numerical in a one formula that affacts a lots of productivity in terms of malfunction, stance, maintenance and service time, missing speed, rate of losses, process of setting up, rates of manufacturing and etc. İt is the best measuring way to revise and develop the process of manufacturing process(machines, production center, assembly line and etc.) at the same time. It is the one of TPM sign using in the industrial way constantly.

The basic formula to calculate OEE.

OEE(%)=Usebility(%) Production(%) Quality (&)

Availability: The rate that machine working time to the planned production time.

Productivity: The rate that realized production time to the theoretical production time.

Quality:The rate that realized production amount to the production amount which is quality approved.

AI Based Laundry Management System

With Prolacs's AI Based Laundry Management System, you can calculate and analysis your all OEE for your laundry.