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Laundry Management System

Laundry Management System

Prolacs LMS

Laundry Management System

LMS is the professional laundry solution that lets you control your businesses end to end. It has a modular and scalable structure suitable for every business. It increases the profitability of your business with modules such as consumption management, personel productivity and overal equipment efficiency. With machine learning and artificial intelligence modules, it makes anomaly detection and warns you before problems occur. Interface compatible with all smart devices, user-friendly interface is easy to use. You can easily use it with your internet browser from anywhere, without any installation.


Real-Time Monitoring

Immediate analysis and controls allow early intervention in case of problems


Compatible with the world's leading products and brands

Artificial Intelligence

LMS solutions are supported by artificial intelligence algorithms to help you optimize your operations

Modular System

Get what your laundry needs with the LMS solution package

Artificial Intelligence

Supported by A.I. algorithms that help in the optimization of laundries


Advanced software infrastructure enables one million data display per second


Machine Status

Current status of each machine.

Running, cancel, pause, idling etc.

Machine Status

Total Capacity Utilization

See total capacity utilization in real time.

Total Capacity Utilization


50+ alarms to alert when required.

Emergency Stop, Water Fill Fail, Inverter Alarm, Power Fail etc.


Consumption Status

Measures consumption such as energy, water, steam and chemicals.

Machine, Laundry or Production Line

Consumption Status

Current Program on Machine

Allows you to see the current program running on machines in real-time.

Current Program on Machine

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

Instead of unnecessary purchases, it allows to increase the performance of the machines and equipment available.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

Employee Productivity

Take control of work processes and reduce employee costs.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

Compatible UHF Laundry RFID Tag

Full visibility over your textile assets in your laundry.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)


Sensors & Control Systems

Data from the PLC and sensors in the production line are collected and the required process controls are performed automatically.

Data Collection Services

Data collection services compatible with the world's leading PLC brands.

Historical Data Storage Services

Large-scale production data is stored historically and is quickly accessed when needed.

Equipment Management and OEE

It automatically measures and records production efficiency based on equipment and operator.

Energy Management

It controls the energy consumption which is one of the biggest expense.

Consumption Management

The consumption data of the work order are automatically recorded. It is analyzed for optimum cost.

User Management

Provides unlimited user support with group and user-based authorization.

Work Order Management

It enables the examination, optimization and editing of work orders from the ERP system.

Job Order Planning

It ensures optimum planning of work orders according to production plan.

Notification Management

Sends E-mail, SMS and Mobile App notifications according to defined set values.

Statistical Process Control

It enables analysis of the data collected from production by statistical process control algorithms.

Process Analyses

Millions of production data are analyzed by customized artificial intelligence algorithms.

Recipe Management

Data from the PLC and sensors in the production line are collected and the required process controls are performed automatically.

Maintenance and Service Management

It provides management of equipment breakdown, maintenance and parts changes.

Task Management

Assignment and follow-up of tasks on the basis of user or group.

Real-Time Monitoring

Recorded millions of production data are displayed in seconds with algorithms in graphical or tabular form.

Reporting Services

Provides customized and flexible reports.

Data Analysis

It enables the analysis of the relationship between the collected data.

Mobile Application

Retmes provides access from anywhere with Android and iOS-developed applications.

Web Applications

It is accessible from all platforms based on Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS and Android.

Rest API

Prolacs's Rest APIs provide flexible, simple and fast communication over the HTTP protocol.

Quality management

Data from the quality management system is used as input in the process optimization cycle to improve production quality.

Process Optimization

Data from machine learning are used for process optimization.

Machine Learningn

Using the data of millions of production, the most accurate estimation is made by using customized artificial intelligence algorithms.

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