What is Prolacs SLC?

With the popularization of Industry 4.0 the data has been collected, monitored and managed in the laundry.

In order to be competitive in the market conditions and to provide the best service to the customers, the resources used must be measured, analyzed and reported. In order to do this, the data must be made meaningful.

Regardless of the brand of your existing machines and the type of your tracks, Prolacs SLC offers you this solution.

Prolacs SLC measures your energy consumption (water, steam, electricity, natural gas, etc.), collects data from all your machines and collects data from the central and online payment system. It can run both in the cloud and on your premise server. You can switch from the On-premises Server to the cloud or from the cloud to the On-premises Server at any time, without loss of data and time, or access and manage multiple laundries for your business from the central system.

Why use Prolacs SLC ?

  • By analyzing your energy consumption, you can calculate your profitability and reduce your maintenance costs.
  • You can create maintenance planning and job orders thanks to data collected from your machines and alarm statistics.
  • With the help of Laundry 4.0 solution with artificial intelligence, you can prevent a problem that may occur on your Industrial Washing/Drying Machines before the problem occurs.
  • Periodically check your maintenance contracts for your machines and infrastructure, and when maintenance is near, send an e-mail or SMS to your authorized service or technical team for maintenance.
  • Aggregate data Industrial Washing/Drying Machines to age evenly. This way, you can direct your customers to less used machines.
  • You can set program price for your machines according to consumption values. Also you can create campaings for different time periods.